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Unexpected Hardship

Partner: Crisis Services of North Alabama

For years, De'Borah worked full time in a management position, had a comfortable level of savings, and had accrued a solid amount of leave time at work - she had security and peace of mind.

But then she was diagnosed with COVID and was required to quarantine. The weeks passed, and while her COVID symptoms finally subsided, De'Borah continued to suffer horrible migraines, so bad in fact, that after extensive tests, it was determined that she had brain cancer. Too sick to work and devoid of leave time, she soon became unemployed.

De'Borah needed to focus on her health, but her rent was late, food was limited, her utilities were at risk of being disconnected, and fear and worry remained at the forefront of her mind.

Enter United Way’s 2-1-1 helpline. Thanks to 2-1-1, De'Borah was connected to services that assisted with utility and rental support, food assistance and even resources that could help her apply for affordable housing, food stamps and disability.

When you give to United Way of Morgan County, you help fund 2-1-1. You help provide help for those in need. 

A Perfect Match

Partner: Mosaic Mentoring of North Alabama
Meet Kyleigh Rose and Amy, a mentee/mentor match that have changed each other's lives for the better.

No One Should Go Through Pain Alone

Partner: Hospice of the Valley

"Everything that Hospice of the Valley does is about coming together, it's bringing people together, it's friendships and healing...and at the end of the day, you're not alone in all the pain that you're going through." - Brandy VanMeter, HOTV

HOTV provides services that bring peace and comfort to local families and patients, because no one should have to die alone and in pain.

Music Changes Lives

Partner: Decatur Youth Symphony

How does Decatur Youth Symphony make an impact on so many lives of local children? Watch and video and find out!

Meet Calvin Balentine

Partner: Boys and Girls Clubs of North Alabama

There’s no doubt about it – Calvin Balentine’s future is bright!

We’re proud to have Boys and Girls Clubs of North Alabama as a UWMC Partner Agency. Thanks to your United Way dollar, Calvin and other Morgan County children participate in high-impact programs that set them up for success.

Saving Lives

Partner: Morgan County Rescue Squad

Sudden tragedy can happy to any of us at any time. When Molly Moses was injured in a boating accident, her life changed forever. She lost her leg, and doctors say it was a miracle she survived. Thankfully, the Morgan County Rescue Squad was there when she needed help the most.

We’re proud to have the Rescue Squad as a Partner Agency.

When Disaster Strikes

Partners: Community Action Partnership of North Alabama and American Red Cross

Pamela Jackson, a Head Start teacher, shares her United Way story. She encourages others to realize that the services provided by American Red Cross and other United Way agencies may be needed at any time. 


A Place to Call Home


Meet Brandon and Keunna.

With four children and one on the way, Brandon and Keunna Swopes put in many hours of sweat equity to achieve stability and independence, the key ingredients for a good quality of life. The Swopes Family will soon move into their very own home, thanks to Habitat for Humanity of Morgan County, a UW Partner Agency.

Because of your support to United Way, local hard-working families, like Keunna and Brandon, are able to secure affordable homeownership. These families deserve a place to call home.

We are amazed by how God has blessed us.


Using the Habitat for Humanity of Morgan County structure as a ministry, the Decatur couple aims to pay the blessings they received forward. Since moving to the home in July, the husband and wife hosted a fall festival with stations for pumpkin painting and bobbing for apples and scheduled a Christmas party for the entire neighborhood.

A Resource for Kids

PARTNER: Child Advocacy Center

No child should ever experience abuse, but it's happening, right here in our community.

Thank goodness for the Morgan County Child Advocacy Center, a UW Partner Agency that provides vital services for our most vulnerable neighbors.

Your United Way donation helps support services that provide local children with the healing and hope they desperately need and deserve.

It takes 30 minutes to give blood, and it made a lifetime of difference to me.


“Now I see that without that blood…without somebody taking a few minutes to donate…I wouldn’t be here,” says a grateful Molly Moses. So thank you to LifeSouth and to all their amazing donors for giving the gift of life…literally!

These people at this clinic have helped me when nobody else would


My name is DANIEL I've been going to mental health center for 12 years. I've been seeing a therapist for 14 years. I've been diagnosis with bipolar, been in and out of the mental hospital and juvy, as well. I'm just going to tell you a little bit about myself.

Y’all have become my second family

Partner: Morgan County System of Services- Hands Home

Zack was excited because the day had finally arrived for him to be discharged from HANDS Home for Boys. He and his mother both now seemed to be trying to get their lives back on track, in contrast to his day of arrival which had revealed a far too extensive history of family dysfunction, peer conflicts, allegations of neglect, and exposure to negative influences for someone who had only lived sixteen years.

Being here was like being part of one big family.

Partner: Tennessee Valley Outreach

Mendy, a former resident at Tennessee Valley Outreach sat down one day and shared what being at TVO meant to her. This is what she had to say in her own words…

Will Stults' Story

Partner: Mental Health Association

I’m a big God guy. All of this feels like a big gift, like a huge miracle that I can use to reach others.

Tyler's Choice

Partner: Boys and Girls Clubs of North Central Alabama

Check out this awesome story of how the Boys and Girls Clubs of North Alabama are making a difference in the lives of kids and teenagers! Learn how Tyler chose a life of joy, safety and relief when he crossed the threshold of the Boys and Girls Club!  

"Does it work? It did for me!"


Alex Davidson: A Soldier for Salvation Army

Partner:Salvation Army

“I do not know what is in store for the future, but I know that I will strive to make everyone proud. I have been blessed more than I may deserve. It is my responsibility to represent myself, my daughter, the Salvation Army and all the people who have faith in me.”

Dyonna's Journey

Partner: Boys and Girls Clubs of North Central Alabama

Meet Dyonna Singleton! She is the program director of the 3rd Street Boy’s and Girls Club. She is so very passionate about the kids she serves and that stems from a deep love of the organization. Dyonna was a club kid herself and this past experience has shaped her enthusiasm and drive in what she does.

A Life Taken: Stacey's Story

Partner: Crisis Services

TRIGGER WARNING: The following describes an actual case of domestic violence and murder, which may trigger an intense response, particularly for people with PTSD and other anxiety disorders.

On June 12, 2014, two days after 33-year-old Stacey Lauren Jones’ ended a relationship with her abuser, she was murdered. Jones’ parents, William and Sherry Jones, shared their daughter’s story in hopes of raising awareness about domestic violence and saving another family from the heartache of losing a mother, daughter, sister or friend.