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It takes 30 minutes to give blood, and it made a lifetime of difference to me.

Molly Moses knows that she’s lucky to be alive. And she has total strangers to thank for it.

She was just 16 years old and on a family boat ride, when suddenly, the boat jerked. The friend sitting next to her was thrown 30 feet, but Molly landed right outside the boat and was struck by the whirling propeller.

“I didn’t actually feel the pain,” she said, “but I felt a pull on my left leg; so I basically held my leg on with one hand and kept myself afloat with the other.”

Her friends and family got her into the boat and called for help; and the paramedics were arriving when the boat got back to the dock. Her left leg was nearly severed, she had lost a great deal of blood, and they weren’t sure she’d survive the twelve minutes until the Medflight helicopter arrived. But Molly was a fighter, and she held on until they got her to Huntsville Hospital, where she survived an 18-hour surgery to remove the leg and stop the bleeding. That first night, she received 55 units of life-saving blood, provided by LifeSouth to the Huntsville Hospital System and medical centers throughout Alabama.

“Now I see that without that blood…without somebody taking a few minutes to donate…I wouldn’t be here,” says a grateful Molly Moses. So thank you to LifeSouth and to all their amazing donors for giving the gift of life…literally!

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