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Donation Options
In honor/memory of:


Simply call (256) 353-6643 extension 303 to make your contribution.


Simply print the It Matters to me pledge form, complete it and mail along with your check to:
United Way of Morgan County
P.O. Box 1058
Decatur, AL 35602


Many of the employees of corporations that partner with United Way elect to contribute a certain amount of their earnings to United Way through a Payroll Deduction Sheet. Participating companies keep track of the deductions and write a check to United Way for the total amount. To read more about Payroll Deductions click here.


Memorial and honorarium gifts provide the opportunity to pay tribute to loved ones and friends, as well as make an investment in our future.  We will gratefully acknowledge your gift with a card to the family or individual you wish to remember or honor. Print a form to mail.


The Advantage of Donating Securities
You can realize enhanced tax savings by making your gift to United Way with appreciated securities.  Click below for some examples of how your gift can provide you and your family with significant tax savings.
Calculate Tax Savings

If your securities are held at a brokerage firm:
Contact your broker in writing and request a transfer of securities to the United Way account.  United Way has accounts at most of the brokerage houses in our area.

Notify Kathleen Ross at United Way of Morgan County of this transfer by calling (256)353-6643 extension 301.  Notify your company’s campaign director so your gift can be included in your company’s campaign results.

If you hold the securities:
Assign your stock certificate to United Way of Morgan County and be sure your signature is guaranteed.  Stock certificate should be hand-delivered or sent by certified mail to:

United Way of Morgan County
Attention:  Kathleen Ross
P.O. Box 1058
Decatur, AL 35602

Send a letter stating that this is a gift to United Way, separate from the certificate.  Notify your company’s campaign coordinator so your gift can be included in your company’s campaign results.

You should consult your professional, financial, or legal advisor for tax advice.