Best Practices

Give. Advocate. Volunteer. Live United.

The following “Best Campaign Practices” are very effective at increasing the level of participation and the dollars raised in workplace campaigns. They also help to maximize the positive impact a campaign has on your company.

These Best Practices will help you run an efficient and effective campaign, and increase awareness of why the United Way is the best way to care for people in our community. They also generate enthusiasm and a good feeling about contributing to the well-being of our community.

Executive/Leadership Sponsorship

Executive sponsorship is a critical aspect of a successful campaign. Employees need to know that company leadership feels that giving to the United Way is an effective way for the organization to have a positive impact on the community.

  • Secure CEO’s endorsement and personal involvement
  • Ask CEO to host a Leadership Giving event for Senior Managers
  • Ask CEO to write a letter/email in support of the campaign and send to all employees.
  • Ask the CEO to publicize the Company’s Corporate Gift – especially if there is a match program in place.
  • Celebrate your success – host a “Thank You” event (coffee/donuts, BBQ, etc.) – it shows the employees that management recognizes and supports individual giving.

Individuals who know how to get things done in your company need to drive and support the campaign for it to be successful.

  • Form a Campaign Committee with representation from all departments
  • Recruit enthusiastic and well-respected campaigners
  • Make sure you have enough people on the team (1 Campaigner for every 10 employees is a good ratio.)
  • Partner with Union Representatives – If the company utilizes Union Workers
  • Conduct Committee Training (include Agency Tour when able, utilize Video, Agency Speaker, Coordinator’s Guide)

You have to get the word out, just like in a political campaign, so that everyone is aware of the program.

  • Plan kickoff rallies (include Video, Agency Speaker, CEO/Executive Leadership)
  • Promote the campaign (Posters, Bulletin Board pieces, Email, Newsletter, etc.)
  • Post the company goal, and show your progress (Utilize thermometer)
Goal Setting

Setting goals at the company and group level provides both a target and an incentive.

  • Establish a challenging goal
  • Implement a Leadership Giving Program (Contributions of $1,000 or more per year, this equates to a $20 a week payroll deduction.)
  • Encourage friendly competition between departments

Individuals are more likely to donate if they can learn, firsthand, how their donation impacts the community.

  • Show the Campaign Video
  • Participate in the Day of Caring
  • Purchase and wear a Day of Caring t-shirt
  • Offer Agency Tours (the United Way will set up a guided tour of a funded agency for employees.)
  • Utilize e-mail to distribute daily facts about United Way and its partner agencies

Have fun and be creative when planning promotional events: BBQ, ice-cream social, talent show, elevator golf tournament, casual day, mini-Olympics, Change Bandits, Company Book Fairs, (Many fun and unique ideas can be found in the 
United Way Sparks Booklet. These not only create a fun atmosphere, but they raise additional dollars for United Way!

  • Personalize pledge-cards
  • Make one-to-one contact with every employee, and ask for support
  • Have all employees sign and return a pledge form, whether they contribute or not (This ensures that no one has been overlooked and not given the opportunity to contribute)
Make Contributions Easy

Set up automatic payroll deductions


Be certain to invite your assigned Loaned Executive or a United Way Staff person to your committee planning meetings. They will be able to provide keen insight into best practices.

Have Fun!!!