Focus Areas

About the United Way and What We Do

United Way Focus Areas

Education, Income, & Health

United Way of Morgan County works in partnership with agencies, organizations, local business and government to advance the common good of people by focusing on 3 areas: Education, Income, and Health. We see these as important to the citizens of Morgan County: A quality education leads to a stable job, which generates income to support a family, and helps to promote health and well-being. Partner Agencies of the United Way of Morgan County provide vital community services in one or more of these focus areas:

  • Education – ensuring people have opportunities thru educational initiatives, training, and mentoring to learn, develop and acquire skills in order to succeed in life
  • Income – ensuring people have services, tools and support where they can move towards independence and live productive and economically stable lives
  • Health – ensuring people have access to services, resources and support for their health, well-being, and quality of life