About Us

About the United Way of Morgan County Alabama

United Way of Morgan County was founded in 1940 by a group of local community leaders including John Caddell and Barrett Shelton, Jr.

Throughout its history United Way has helped to create solutions to community problems. United Way of Morgan County has improved more lives in Decatur, Hartselle, Priceville, Trinity, Falkville, Danville, Lacey Spring, Eva and every corner of our great community than any other human service agency. Annually, one out of every three Morgan County residents benefits from a United Way of Morgan County funded program.


A strong caring community that empowers its citizens to reach their potential.


The mission of the United Way of Morgan County is to be a leader with community and agency partners in providing for health and human needs.

Guiding Principles

To strengthen the social bonds that bind us, we must exercise our responsibility to one another as a community of caring people through these guiding principles.

We believe, we can best achieve our aims by working in partnership with our member agencies recognizing their commitment and expertise in addressing human needs.

We believe, we must involve every segment of the community in every aspect of our work. We believe, out of that involvement will grow understanding, commitment, and the material support we need.

We believe, people who give their time or money to the community should have clear, accurate information about how their resources are put to use.

We believe, we must search continuously for new and better ways to meet community needs more fully and economically. We must anticipate and shape change and give consideration to emerging community needs.

We believe, we must assess the quality of services and work with our agencies to enhance the benefits to the community.